Shirley Making A Pizza

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    Shirley Making A Pizza

    Descripción del juego

    A very fun, multi-level cooking game which is full of variety. In this game there is steak cutting, ingredient chopping, dough pounding fun. Get through each of the unique cooking challenges to win this pizza game. Before you can make the pizza, you have to chop the ingredients, roll the dough, and even boil water. When you are on the water level, be careful not to pour too fast or it will all spill. Increase the angle at which you pour to keep the water flowing.

    Las reglas del juego

    Level 1 - Cut the steakLevel 2 - Prepare the other ingredients such as the bell peppersLevel 3 - Pound the dough, roll the doughLevel 4 - Next you have to boil the ingredients, add them at just the right timeLevel 5 - Fill the pot of water, pouring too fast and it will spill or miss... as the pot becomes more empty you have to increase the angle at which you are pouring.Finally, add them together and make your pizza.

    Géneros del juego

Shirley Making A Pizza

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