Cracked Horn

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    Cracked Horn

    Descripción del juego

    Dynamic and fun platformer/slasher which tells the tale of a brave battlebetween a knight and terrible demons. Long ago, knights of the Teutonic Orderbuilt a great castle just above the abyss, which led to the gates of hell. Theyvowed not to leave this place and give their lives in battle if there were ever an invasion. Hundreds of years pass, and the seal blocking the portal betweenthe two worlds is broken. Hordes of demons escaped and stormed theCastle! The brave hero takes up his sword, and goes to the bottom of hell,to re-seal the ancient evil spirits!

    Las reglas del juego

    Arrow UP – jumpArrows Left Right – movingArrow Down – change weapon(or wasd)CTRL – Attack

    Géneros del juego

Cracked Horn

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